Game Of Thrones SNL

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Game of Thrones has a brand new spin-off! It ain’t easy being a single mother of dragons, and this new reality show proves it!

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25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones SNL

  1. Paul Baker

    It’s not that funny, but since +Kate Siudut makes me watch a lot of TLC, it
    has a special place in my heart.

  2. MamaBulgaria

    Game of Thrones!

  3. Dreamcatcher9000

    I thought “Funny or Die” was a smart channel. This is dumb.

  4. Kick Butt

    She’s wearing a Hunger Games badge at 1:29

  5. sKaXz

    how retarded that shit is.. wow

  6. NamezJamez007

    this was rrreally bad..

  7. caleb49423

    Why doesn’t she just use her super speed to run around the world and find

  8. jlee921


  9. smurfsniffer

    i giggled

  10. Julio Ramos
  11. 7thSmurf

    last two vids did it for me.. screw this channel

  12. nomercy8989

    As funy as the funeral of your parents…

  13. Jeff Lee

    um, no

  14. Sara Eddy

    God you people are really negative… If you don’t like something then just
    don’t watch it. I’m not saying this vid was great or anything, but I don’t
    see the need in putting in my two cents about why I don’t like it. You know
    why? Cause no one fucking cares.

  15. Arthur Conquest


  16. bre Fontana

    I like it more then the original show

  17. Chris Hansen

    i was laughing because of how horrible this shit is, though I wouldn’t mind
    seeing her naked. Lets throw her in a fire and see if she comes out that

  18. BeautifulDreams95

    Me too :D

  19. Duarte Almeida

    You are adressing Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen, the Unburnt, Khalessi of
    the Dotrhaki Sea, Mother of Dragons, Liberator and true heir to the Iron
    Throne. The next time you difame her, will be the last time you have a

  20. NaZaRK3

    as funny as the red wedding

  21. Chi Wai Tran

    I cringe watching her “trying” to be funny. Especially since they put a lot
    of effort into the vid…

  22. Pradeep Govindasamy

    I know this is Funny or Die so I chose Death.

  23. jean carlos de oliveira miranda

    i don’t know if this actress is reading this comments and i hope not, but
    if you are, i want you to know that you gave a really brave performance
    here, i’m a big fan of the show and the books, but unlike the otter stupid
    fanboys i know how to laugh at a good parody, and this one really made me

  24. Gabriel Paulino

    That was stupid

  25. DontBugCandy

    this was pretty good, had a good laugh.