Games Of Thrones Comic Con 2013

25 thoughts on “Games Of Thrones Comic Con 2013

  1. HouseStark

    I should be doing my homework right now

  2. KolyFrog

    G.R.R. Martin looks so cartoony. lol

  3. MasterMoron

    Wait, so what characters did they kill in the show that are still alive in
    the books?

  4. EllietotheJelly

    I seem to break the mold when it comes to favourite characters, because my
    favourite’s are Sansa, Samwell, Tyrion (okay so not so different) and I
    love Davos, probably one of the few honorable men still alive. 

  5. Sims3loser, The No Bullshit Simmer.

    Daenerys, Melissandre, and Cersei are my favorites.

  6. Mahdi Mohamedsani

    They should have included or mentioned the amazing job Ramin Djawadi does.

  7. Pearl Williams

    Richard Maddens accent

  8. Liliana Capucho

    Where’s Lena :(

  9. b3rs

    What are they talking about 33:00 ? I got so spoiled before Red Wedding >:(

  10. ashley mcashley

    lol they’re all sitting in the wrong seat

  11. Mark Sumsung

    it’s so cool to see all these porn stars in the same time!

  12. Nur Liyana Abd Raoff

    why no jeffreyy ?!

  13. Jimmy Sharp

    hahaha someone cut the mic from the feminist at 44:08 brilliant!

  14. Stella Mantikou

    Daenerys, Tyrion, Jon Snow..

  15. Len Goldstein

    No spoilers from me his time y’all but be ready for the Purple Wedding and
    the battle which is the title of the book A Storm of Swords.

  16. wildsmiley

    My top 5 favorite characters: 5. Olenna Tyrell 4. Tyrion Lannister 3.
    Jon Snow
    2. Daenerys Targaryen 1. Arya Stark

  17. RockBottom45

    Peter Dinklage is just great. On every interview he sits like “I don’t giva
    shit about all of you” :D its funny to see him like this :D

  18. Andrea Grant

    Did Emily start crying asking that question or did she pass out? What
    happend there?

  19. Ray Oham

    Direwolves be cameraman

  20. Alya T

    Am I the only one who has burning desires for Jon Snow aka Kit Harrington?
    Damn he’s handsome

  21. Bartholomew Simpson

    lmao these autistic monotone questions…

  22. Matheus Berriel

    “I see dead people” oh gosh i laught uashushauhsuhausasuh

  23. Andre Alyass

    Y are they never gonna work with Michael she comes back to life 

  24. vasyasol

    11:15 have to agree, GOT has the best dialogue

  25. reim1004

    Why do I have the feeling that no one really likes Peter Dinklage see 30:04the reaction of the Guy sitting besides him Im sorry I dont remember his