Lena Headey Conan O’Brien

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25 thoughts on “Lena Headey Conan O’Brien

  1. Darkknight39

    this guys laughs yo

  2. chucholetsm8one


  3. Thee Lawless

    He resembles Deforest Kelly, A lot!

  4. Karathos

    This goddamn guy. The very definition of a smooth operator :D

  5. Bradon Says

    You have to take advice that ends with the line…”Get stretched out, cause
    you’re going on a ride to the realm of coitus.”, particularly when it comes
    from Ron Swanson.

  6. drewsky684

    My God, he’s Grumpy Cat!

  7. J. Alamilla

    righteous beard

  8. Jack O'Reilly

    This guy just wins at life. Period.

  9. Nelson Guzman

    I did what he said…but nothing happened….although i do recall a
    gleaming silence…

  10. Serby serban

    Mother of beards!!!Im so gealous,

  11. Jose C. Rivera

    He’s right. that stuff works 60% of the time, it works evrery time. But for
    real. it works… And it didnt cost you $$

  12. GabrielSparkletits

    Real men date cougars.

  13. SillySantaHat

    Coitus is my favorite realm, after Jacques Cousteau.

  14. Gartender

    He looks like Zach Galifianakis’s evil twin.

  15. Christopher Wells

    That was fantastic.

  16. MajinVegito100

    This guy reminds me of Garfield.

  17. Jacob Porter


  18. Matilda L

    he reminds me of grumpy cat

  19. isa mack

    what a sweetie

  20. SuperBoxyBoy

    he sounds like every NCR officer in New Vegas lol

  21. slooo5m

    parks in iraq?

  22. Ramathorn

    Ron Swanson lives an breaths brilliance

  23. breakingbeatz

    Nick: ”Yeah I can’t help it”.
    (what a dick)

  24. Tina Baoukian

    “Adhere that piece of nature to the centre of the heart and then get
    stretched out cuz you’re going to realm of coitus.” I laughed WAY too hard
    at that! I love the way he phrases things!

  25. Kyle Begin

    I have that book. My favourite is “eat red meat”